What's on

There's always something happening at Gasoline Pony - live music, group singing, film nights, DJs, tasting evenings, more!

Unless otherwise stated, live music kicks off from 7pm (doors from 5pm). Sunday music starts from 5pm (doors from 3pm). Saturday afternoon sessions from 3pm.

Here's a list of the events coming soon. Check back regularly for updates or our Facebook page.


JUNE 2018

Saturday 16th June - Bucket Boys 90s Singalong. Wonderwall? Brittney Spears?? Whoo Hoo! $7
Sunday 17th June Early - D Henry Fenton & Jason Walker. Sweet-as singers waking up their vocal chords. $7
Sunday 17th June -  Chickasaw Bayou + Southern Gents. Always thought Old Dixie was a paddle steamer.. $7


Tuesday 19th June - Open Mic Night. Mic who?

Wednesday 20th June - Open Band Night. Banned from where?

Thursday 21st June - The Low Down Riders. Tuba-powers tub-thumpin' Norleans Jazz! $7

Friday 22nd June - Equa Hey + Mango Balloon Duo. Salsa, tango + Mango au go go! $7

Saturday 23rd June Arvo - Chris O'Connor. Old time fingerpicking Blues! $7

Saturday 23rd June - The Ride Ons + the Smart Folk. Damn fine acoustic ROCK'N'ROLL! $7

Sunday 24th June Earlyish -  Blunt Presents... Hinterland, Jep & Dep, Donna Amini, Chintzy Lopez, Geoff Towner! $7


Tuesday 26th June - Walk Up Open Mic. Walk right in...

Tuesday 26th June - AccaPony Community Choir. Sing!

Tuesday 26th June - Shanties. Sing/bellow!

Wednesday 27th June - Extra Open Band Night. An extra one of these because we can!

Thursday 28th June - Dan Marando & Peter Head Sing The Songs You Love. Piano Bar chantousery - Feeling almost persuaded? $7

Friday 29th June - Biscotti + Little Bear Band + Bleeding Gums Murphy. The best sequel since Police Academy 2! $7

Saturday 30th June Arvo - Nic Dalton & his Gloomchasers! Nic returns with his cape & tunes! $7

Saturday 30th June - Steel City Sue + Frogwash. Original songs from, and about, ex-steel town Newcastle! $7


JULY 2018

Sunday 1st July Early -  Punch Session w' Paula! Good listening sesh' $7
Sunday 1st July - John Kennedy's '68 Comeback Special! Classic Urban Pop in baritone tones! $7

Tuesday 3rd July - Open Mic Night. Top singer Mike!

Wednesday 4th July - Open Band Night. Oh look this is the band night!

Thursday 5th July - Fingermae + Songs of Tom Smith + Cassy Judychair. Rock n Roll Orgy celebrating Love and Diversity! $7

Friday 6th July - Okapi Guitar Band. AfroPop from night clubs in Tanzania! $7

Saturday 7th July Arvo - Los Romeos Oxidados! I hear those rockin' blues a comin'! $7

Sunday 8th July - The Dead Marines. Legendary local ocassional trio! $7

Tuesday 10th July - Walk Up Open Mic. I'm walkin' yes indeeed...

Tuesday 10th July - AccaPony Community Choir. I'm singin' - 'bout you & me!

Tuesday 10th July - Shanties. I'm hopin' to sing pirate songs!

Wednesday 11th July - Mango Balloon + Leroy Lee. Adding lounge, exotica and continental jazz to tango & western! $7

Thursday 12th July - Arthur Washington Sexytet. Gypsy jazz but sexy! $7

Friday 13th July - Chosani Afrique. Saba dance & drums, drums, drums! $7

Saturday 14th July Arvo - Paul Hayward's Sidekicks! Spaghetti & Western instrumentals! $7

Saturday 14th July - The Djangologists + Bleeding Gums Murphy! Django Au Go Go! $7

Sunday 15th July - Fifty Million Beers! So it's one, two, three, four... $7


Tuesday 17th July - Open Mic Night. Local vocalists & jugglers!

Wednesday 18th July - Open Band Night. Local bands of vocalists & jugglers!

Thursday 19th July - Ms. G + Lauren White + Bleeding Gums Murphy. Blues, soul, sass & a little jazz! $7

Friday 20th July - George Washingmachine. The man, his fiddle, his songs, maybe some of the fam too! $7

Saturday 21st July Early Arvo (2pm) - The Trippers! Indie acoustic post-Mindbladder! $7

Sunday 22nd July -  Jason Walker & Tender Mercies! Well I'm willing! $7 


Tuesday 24th July - Walk Up Open Mic. Walk right in...

Tuesday 24th July - AccaPony Community Choir. Sing!

Tuesday 24th July - Shanties. Keep on singing!

Wednesday 25th July - Dan Marando & Peter Head Sing The Songs You Love. Piano Bar chantousery - Feeling kinda single? $7

Thursday 26th July - Matt Druery & Oscar Joe's Greatest Bits! Some top bits from these two! $7

Friday 27th July - Jex Lopez Launch + White Knuckle Fever. Dark and quirky tales plus Latin and Gypsy plus its a launch! $7

Saturday 28th July Arvo -Out of Nowhere! Swingin' retro country tunes! $7

Saturday 28th July - Drey Rollan Band + the Villebillies! Rockabilly plus rock and Roll Blues! $7

Sunday 29th July - Bernie, Elmo & Pete Velzen! Classic pop tunes - you want to sing along! $7


Tuesday 31st July - Open Mic Night. Top singer Mike!


AUG 2018

Wednesday 1st Aug - Open Band Night. Oh look this is the band night!




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