What's on

There's always something happening at Gasoline Pony - live music, group singing, film nights, DJs, tasting evenings, more!

Unless otherwise stated, live music kicks off from 7pm (doors from 5pm). Sunday music starts from 5pm (doors from 3pm). Saturday afternoon sessions from 3pm.

Here's a list of the events coming soon. Check back regularly for updates or our Facebook page.

 MARCH 2018

Saturday 24th Mar -     Lock Stock & Daryl + Snake Oil Preachers! Rock & rowel! Gawin to see my babee tonighta!!! $7

Sunday 25th Mar -  Los Monaros + Ca$hed Up! Greasy surfin rock with just a hint of Uke! $7


Tuesday 27th Mar - Open Mic Night. Sing like Mick!

Wednesday 28th Mar - Open Band Night. Locals cooking it up!

Thursday 29th Mar - The Hoo Haas! Whiskey drinking fools from the Marrickville Delta - dear Alistair moves states! $7

Saturday 31st Mar Arvo Los Romeos Oxidados. Rockin Johnny Cashery! $7


APRIL 2018

Sunday 1st Apr -  Jason Walker & the Tender Mercies + Mark Lucas! Fools of classic indie country - sweet songs! $7


Tuesday 3rd Apr - Walk Up Open Mic. Walk right in...

Tuesday 3rd Apr - AccaPony Community Choir. Sing!

Tuesday 3rd Apr Late er.. - Shanties. Sing/bellow!

Wednesday 4th Apr - Mixed Doubles - Duos to be Advised! Folksy songs & songy folks! $7

Thursday 5th Apr - Low Down Riders. Low Down Songs! $7

Friday 6th Apr - The Villebillies + When Hawk met Sparrow. Local Marrickanna! $7

Saturday 7th Apr Arvo - Nic Dalton and his Gloomchasers! Three sets of rockin' Indie Folkery! $7

Saturday 7th Apr - The Rookies! Ensemble drinking Jazz, Melbs style! $7

Sunday 8th Apr -  The Ride Ons! Unplugged rock! $8

Tuesday 10th Apr - Open Mic Night. Sing like Mike!

Wednesday 11th Apr - Open Band Night. Local cooking it!

Saturday 14th Apr Arvo -    Anni & the Electric Fins! Torch! $7

Saturday 14th Apr -   George Washingmachine! Drying guaranteed! Simpson Twin Tub with Camels! & uber-fine fiddle! $7

Sunday 15th Apr Early 3pm - The Punch Sessions. Paula & guests! $7

Sunday 15th Apr - Satellite V Trio. Country Rock-a-billyo! $7


Tuesday 17th Apr - Walk Up Open Mic. Walk right in...

Tuesday 17th Apr - AccaPony Community Choir. Sing!

Tuesday 17th Apr Late er.. - Shanties. Sing/bellow!

Wednesday 18th Apr - Victa + Friendly Locals! Rockin' Folksy local stuff! $7

Thursday 19th Apr - Donna Amini + Lisa Caruso + Universe Universe. Local Indie launch! $7

Friday 20th Apr - Okapi Guitar Band. Guitar-based music! $7

Saturday 21th Apr Arvo - Out of Nowhere! western swing and retro country! $7

Saturday 21th Apr -  Gadjo Guitars! Non-Romanis playing... Guitar-based music! $7

Sunday 22th Apr -  The Readers' Play Fundraiser feat' Scott Smart, Elizabeth Nabben + Anni & the Electric Fins! Looks pretty interesting actually - will find out more & get back to you but don't hesitate to GOOGLE in the MEAN TIME!


Tuesday 24th Apr - Open Mic Night. Oh Micky your so fine!

Wednesday 25th Apr - Open Anzac Band Night. At the setting of the sun... hats off at the bar

Thursday 26th Apr - Liz Martin + Abi Tucker & Julian Curwin. Local Indie! $7

Friday 27th Apr - Big Sky Mountain + The Water Runners.  Sweet local Indie & deep south folkery! $7

Saturday 28th Apr Arvo - Paul Hayward's Sidekicks! Movie tunes & more! $7

Saturday 28th Apr -   Andy's Night on the Prawns! Yes! This IS the way to Amarillo! Please step away from the pillow! $7

Sunday 29th Apr -  Blunt presents: Stone Cold Fox, Peter Black, Kid Cornered, CloudBird, Universe Universe! Wot Fun! $M


MAY 2018

Tuesday 1st May - Walk Up Open Mic. Walk right in...

Tuesday 2nd May - AccaPony Community Choir. Sing!

Tuesday 2nd May - Shanties. Sing/bellow!

Wednesday 3rd May - Low Down Riders! Tuba Jazz! $7



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