What's on

There's always something happening at Gasoline Pony - live music, group singing, film nights, DJs, tasting evenings, more!

Unless otherwise stated, live music kicks off from 7pm (doors from 5pm). Sunday music starts from 5pm (doors from 3pm). Saturday afternoon sessions from 3pm.

Here's a pale list of the events coming soon. Check back regularly for updates or our Facebook page.


Sunday 11th Aug - Ivy-Jane Browne Midsummer EP Launch + Mel Ertler + Sally Davis


Tuesday 13th Aug - Open Mic

Wednesday 14th Aug - Pony Club: 343 Brass Band + Intergalactic Plastic + Hanna & Ruby

Thursday 15th Aug - Liz Martin Band + Jess Dale & Nick McClean

Friday 16th Aug - Andy's Night on the Prawns

Saturday 17th Aug arvo - John Fahey/Takoma tribute: The Man from Atlantis (Melb) + D.C. Cross + Levi Burr + Jon Flood + Chris Porter

Saturday 17th Aug - Gadjo Guitars

Sunday 18th Aug arvo - The Clutterbuck Family Quartet + Bleeding Gums Murphy w' Ned + El Guido + The Woodies + TaylorTrash


Tuesday 20th Aug - Jaki & Friends + Red Shift + AccaPony Choir + Sea Shanties

Wednesday 21st Aug - Ionia + Southern Flavour

Thursday 22nd Aug - Morton Choppers + Tristen Bird + Laura Therese David

Friday 23rd Aug - BernPeteElm

Saturday 24th Aug arvo - The Traitors + The Exiles

Saturday 24th Aug - The Ukes of Hazzard

Sunday 25th Aug - Mick Hart & Guests


Tuesday 27th Aug - Open Mic

Wednesday 28th Aug - Pony Club

Thursday 29th Aug - The Villebillies + El Guido

Friday 30th Aug - Mary Heart

Saturday 31st Aug arvo - Stray Dogs + Lonely Sheep + Countrypolitan

Saturday 31st Aug - Isingonthecake Choir + Rogue Company



Sunday 1st Sept - The Dead Marines


Tuesday 3rd Sept - AccaPony Choir + Sea Shanties

Wednesday 4th Sept - Open Band Night

Thursday 5th Sept - Eamon's Crawfish PoBoys

Friday 6th Sept - Queen Porter Stomp

Saturday 7th Sept arvo - Los Romeos Oxidados

Saturday 7th Aug - Drey Rollan Band

Sunday 8th Aug - Jo Meares with Michael Bridges + Jess Cassar


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